I'm Jess. 22. Orangevale. I speak French. I try to speak German. Multifandom. Harry Potter. Divergent. Hunger Games. Misfits. Disney. The Fault in Our Stars. Doctor Who. Skins. Pretty Little Liars. Music. Jake


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the year is 2046. no one has memed in 15 years since king obama the third make memeing illegal. in the dystopian suburbs of fort lauderdale, sixteen year-old Dogecoin de Grasse Sagan found a sexy fedora in an trash dumpster. he put it on and it made a sweet anime noise. he knew then he, was destined to bring memes back to this stupid idiot planet. he looked at the camera and goes “u mad, world?”


*includes a funeral playlist in my will* 

Moffat: We need someone to play John's wife.
Moffat: Wait... Martin has a partner.
Moffat: But who can we get to play Sherlock's parents?
Moffat: Wait... Benedict has parents.
Moffat: Where are we going to find a child to play young Sherlock?
Moffat: Wait... I have a child.
Moffat: Man I'm good at this.


‘hi i haven’t talked to you in five weeks but we’re still best friends’: a story about me and human interaction.

friend who lives hundreds of miles away: i made food
me: can i have some

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