Death is but the next great adventure

I'm Jess. 22. Orangevale. I speak French. I try to speak German. Multifandom. Harry Potter. Divergent. Hunger Games. Misfits. Disney. The Fault in Our Stars. Doctor Who. Skins. Pretty Little Liars. Music. JakeMy bucket list.

My trip through Europe!
My trips to Cabo San Lucas!



my kisses used to turn you inside out

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Le Ciel Dans une Chambre- Carla Bruni 


She’s Got You High - Mumm-Ra

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Love Is a Dog From Hell - The Limousines

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My soul is useless without you

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Feeling This - Blink-182


Alright so I saw a post on here and it was this song but sped to walking speed…except Alex sounded like a chipmunk. So I took it upon myself to do the same thing, except keep the original pitch. I love it.

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Eating Me Alive -Alkaline Trio

You can sit there and tell me that I didn’t try, and I can honestly tell you that I never lied. 


Jake Bugg - Simple As This

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The Limousines - Wildfires

you let it slip: you like me. biting on my bottom lip, thunder and lightning. 

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